when you stay up all night doing hw and the teacher doesn’t collect it


"I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself."


you are not bipolar just because you have a mood swing every once in a while

you are not OCD just because you like things a certain way

you do not have insomnia just because you can’t sleep one night

you do not have depression just because you feel sad

you do not have ADHD just because you are hyper

stop using these disorders to describe your feelings, they are chemical imbalances in your brain, not adjectives.


I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry


if u dont know how to respond to something just say “how dare you”


I only accept anon hate in size 12 Times New Roman double spaced MLA format


love how kids introduce themselves like “hello im johnny im five years old i know how to read” yeah cool i didnt ask for your life story asshole